It All Started With a VW Bus.


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 As little kids, not many of us think, “hey, I want to be in logistics and transportation management when I grow up.”
But some people are born to see things differently and take on what others can’t.
Our founder, Steve Schommer, is one of those people. The mission for Real World Logistics can be traced back to an old, beat-up VW bus – Steve’s first car. As a 15-year old kid (without a license), he not only needed to make the car run, he envisioned a complete powerful transformation into a "party bus". But the trouble was, he’d never even worked on a car in his life.
That didn’t stop Steve from completely disassembling and rebuilding the engine by himself. He read everything he could, found people to talk to – he learned about process, procedures, supplier parts, cost, networking and most importantly of all – the courage to take on the impossible and to do a project the right way.
The day that engine came to life, Steve knew that amazing things were possible if you’re willing to accept challenges and seek the help you need when you’re at a loss and don’t know what to do next.

Our Mission

That’s the reason behind Real World Logistics. We coach, train and do. We help you simplify and navigate through the complexities of supply chain logistics. And we focus on rapid knowledge transfer that's customized for you and your team's specific industry, situation and business model.
Supply chain logistics can sometimes be overwhelming – it involves understanding and directing multiple processes, procedures, suppliers, cross-functional teams, including cross-cultures and end customers. The result? Too much to do and not enough time to do it. Most companies push the easy button and take shortcuts to get the job done. 
Yet, a lack of time, knowledge and resources limits your ability to remain world-class. Opportunity exists to improve service and reduce costs in virtually any company. We'll coach you to find the right combinations for people, process and technology in order to create world-class solutions that maximize your ROI.
We'll show you how easy it is to push the RIGHT button and transform your current supply chain logistics business model into one that is higher performing, more service intensive and more cost effective.
Steve Schommer, President/Founder of Real World Logistics


Before founding Real World Logistics, Steve served as an executive at UPS in operations, customer service, call centers and global sales. Additionally, he has held executive management positions in consultative, 3PL and freight forwarding companies such as Dohmen Life Science Services, Savino Del Bene, Wavechange Logistics and ISS.
With over 25 years of transportation logistics experience combined with real-world, practical knowledge, Steve has helped thousands of companies reduce cost and improve service.
His distinct areas of expertise include supply chain optimization, global logistics (throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas) developing innovative solutions for specific trouble areas. He has led cross-functional and cross-cultural teams, leveraging a breadth of intellectual capital to deliver over $497 million in savings, delivering marked improvement to companies' bottom line.
“Most people - in both their personal and professional lives - give up before they should. It doesn't have to be this way. Real World is a way up and out of all the chaos.”
~Steve Schommer