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You Bring The School Supplies.

We run into people and companies who believe "we know it all...we've got it need for any help here." 
But with over 500,000 supply chain logistics options when it comes to vendors, suppliers, processes, technologies, and most importantly, marketing place intelligence, knowing it all is impossible. 
We certainly don't know it all either. But with Real World, we help you see logistics through a different lens, making the impossible, possible.
We help people who believe that additional coaching and training can only help you become wicked smart at your job. True professionals in business get coaching and training, knowing that even if you're at the top of your game, you sometimes need extra help to achieve world-class results. 


Schedule a quick, 30-minute strategic assessment of your current situation.We'll go over your needs, objectives, timelines and resources. No cost. No obligation. 
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How We Help

We have a formalized process for defining your specific needs and requirements, beginning with our free, 30-minute Strategic Assessment. From there, we'll identify whether you need occasional coaching, or ongoing training on a particular topic or area. 
Support can come in different forms (or combinations of forms); we work with you and your team to determine which solutions fit your resources best.

I Need Help Occassionally


  • One-on-one
  • Remote call (Skype)
  • On-site
  • Monthly/Quarterly/Annual
  • Crisis Support (real-time)
  • Customized Video

I Need Ongoing, Specific Help


  • One-on-one
  • Group sessions
  • Webinars
  • Online workshops
  • On-site
  • Customized programs

30-Minute Strategic Assessment

Results Oriented
We'll give you a "Real World" example of how coaching and training can improve your business.
We worked with a company that imports a variety of goods from Italy to the US via sea freight. There are over 6,000 container ships in the world, mostly controlled by the top 100 steam ship lines. Through a variety of coaching and training sessions, the company learned how to negotiate with other, smaller lines to generate better service and lower costs for their designated route. 
Overall cost was reduced by 40%, while service accelerated and improved by seven days. Additionally, the company enhanced quality and compliance by gaining visibility to real-time GPS location, temperature, shock, humidity and light metrics that were critical to certain Medtech and Biotech commodities. 
  • You may already know the "science" of logistics - we'll teach you the everyday "art"
  • Augment knowledge or skill gaps to create strength or specialy areas
  • Double your execution speed to improve sevice and on-the-job efficiency
  • Rapid knowledge transfer on how the "Real World" of logistics works
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