Strategic Execution


Reduced cost. Improved focus.


It's likely that you come to work every day with a long list of tasks that are impossible to get done in any given day. And your focus turns to executing the "must do" tasks, leaving the "should do" or "could do" for yet another time. Even worse, you get the "I need it now" emails or phone calls from your boss, an internal or external customer or supplier that pushes you into crisis management mode. Now you can't even get the "must do" done.
The reality is you need help if you're going to be highly effective and more efficient in your role. Learn how to save time and accelerate your capabilities to deliver best-in-class results.
Schedule a quick, 30-minute strategic assessment of your current situation.We'll go over your needs, objectives, timelines and resources. No cost. No obligation. 
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How We Help

Your company team requires diverse roles and players with varying skill sets. But sometimes those players don't always have the time, knowledge or resources to get the work done as well or as efficiently as you need.
When you have recognized gaps, Real World Logistics fills the role as an interim resource. We have specialized expertise working with cross-functional, cross-cultural teams - both big and small - so, we quickly assimilate and fit in.
Executional support can be strategic or tactical in nature with support either on-site or off-site. With input from your team and the key stakeholders involved, we create a comprehensive Project Plan that defines the goal, objectives, resource allocation, budget, key milestones and overall timeline.
Results Oriented
Most companies target savings for strategic sourcing initiatives in global logistics to only 5-10% because they believe past negotiations have been fair and "they're already getting the best deal possible".
Our average savings factor for strategic sourcing intiatives is 18.7%, with some clients saving as much as 40%, which is why, over time, we've been able to save our clients $497 million.
  • Improved team productivity and capabilities
  • Improved efficiency resulting in significant cost reductions
  • Rapid knowledge transfer augments identified team gaps
  • Double the financial or service impact on strategic sourcing
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